[Ice] 工作之余 (原神)

[Ice] 工作之余 (原神)

AlmaDelia's sex life

by the time my daughter Alma Delia was nine years old she was been molested by three men,including me,but let me back up a little,I started touching her when she was around six,sliding my fingers up and down her pussy slit,she was too small to suck me off but she did her best,and every time I make her swallow my cum,my wife started to suspect something was up when Almadelia begun complaining that her little pussy was sore,my wife check her out and found our daughter's pussy red and swollen,I had just spend most of that day sucking and licking my daughter's little pussy,as a precaution my wife took Alma to see a doctor and the doctor told her our daughter might be been abused,she didnt said anything because her brother,Alma's uncle was also molesting my daughter,my wife knew about her brother fingering my daughter,but thanks to my luck,she didnt knew about me and Alma

then one day my wife and I got in to an argument that led to our separation and she move to another city,and from time to time she would take Alma to see me,my then exwife likes fast food so I would ask her to get some and eat at my home while me and Alma watch tv,never took that much convincing,and as soon as she was out the door I was resuming were I left off,fingering or licking her tiny pussy,that always end it up me jerking off and cumming in her mouth and making her swallow,that went on once a month for a few months

by the time Almadelia was nine years old,her mom started to see another man and soon after he convinced her to move away, he also didnt waste any time and as soon as he was alone with my daughter he was molesting her,my daughter knew how to use a phone and every time that happened she would call me and tell me all about it,she was calling me because she didnt like it and wanted me to go get her but every time I lied,telling her I couldnt,because I was having problems and she need it stay there,

she told me the first time he took her to their basement,once there he expose himself to her and told her to suck it,or she would be punish,she already had suck mine in the past so she was no extranger to have a hard cock in her mouth,he also make her swallow his cum,the thing she didnt like was because he would grab her head and mouth fuck her making her gag,she told me that went on almost every day for weeks,then one day he tried to fuck her but she was too tight and he couldnt,so it was only blow jobs,

for her tenth birthday she said,he took her to their basement and he told her to suck his cock like always but then he pull her pants and panties off and finger her pussy till he said she was ready, and that time he put his cock in my daughter's ten year old pussy and took her cherry, leaving her pussy full of cum as present,he fucked her pussy twice that day she told me,

,she said she was in pain for a couple of days but he didnt care and kept on fucking her,from that day on she was sucking and fucking his cock almost every day,sometimes twice a day,then he started calling her names,and making her call him dady,she said he would call her little cocksucker and slut or whore whenever her mom wasnt around,one day she called me and told me he said now she was his bitch and that her pussy,ass and mouth was only his to take whenever he like,

he like her to use words like cock,dick,pussy, cunt,asshole,cocksucker,cum eater,cum,daddy's milk,Alma's food, Alma's joy stick,bitch,he would ask her where she would like his cock at,in her mouth or in her pussy?and she would answer I wanna suck your cock and eat your cum or I want your cock in my pussy daddy,he also told her she was becoming a better cocksucker than her mom and a better piece of ass,she said he kept saying she was too fucking tight every time he was fucking her,and that she make him cum real quick,she said he never lasted more than a few minutes,

then one night she said,he was fucking her mom,it sounded real good by the way her mom was moaning she told me,she told me her mom likes to suck his cock,she heard her mom saying his cock taste very good and his cum was delicious many times,that time I ask my daughter if his cock and cum taste that good and she didnt answer me,I also ask her if his cock feels good inside her pussy and she didnt answer that either,I knew he was turning my daughter in to a fucking cocksucking little slut,

some other night he was fucking her mom like he always do she said that time he finish and waited for her mom to fall sleep,she said she knew she was sleep because she snores loudly,by then she started to call him daddy,she said daddy got out of their room and went in to hers,and then daddy told her to suck his cock,he undress her,and fuck her,but that time he lasted a lot longer,he figure out that by fucking her mom before fucking my daughter he was able to last longer the second time,she said that he went from a few minutes to almost an hour,she said,daddy would put me this way or that way or made sat on his cock,then she told me she could now take his cock all the way in not just the tip like before,

I heard a hint of pride when she said, now I can take daddy's cock all the way inside my pussy,then I ask if he stills feeding her daddy's milk,and that time she answers yes but not as much as before,she said now he likes to fill her pussy with his cum,he told her she looked pretty dripping cum down her legs from her pussy

I was jealous,I wish I was that man fucking my daughter every day turning her into my fuck toy

by age eleven she was getting cock regularly and by the way she was telling me she was enjoying it as much as he does,late one day she called me and told me he didnt make her suck his cock or tried to fuck her,she sounded worried and thought something might be wrong,I knew her eleven year old pussy was itching and aching for his cock. .

Hentai: [Ice] 工作之余 (原神)

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[Ice] 工作之余 (原神)

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